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Manufacturers: Casio


Casio are one of the world's largest manufacturers of pocket calculators. The company was founded in Japan in 1946 (originally called Kashio Seisansho) and has its headquarters in Shibuya, Tokyo. As well as calculators, the company manufacturers a wide range of electronic equipment including electronic musical instruments, cameras and watches.

The company was founded by engineer Tadao Kashio ("Casio" is an anglicized version of his name) who invented a cigarette pipe which became the company"s first product. The compay then worked on other engineering product manufacturing until his brother Toshio suggested that they develop an electro-mechanical calculator. At the time electric calculators were essentially motorized versions of hand operated devices, but the new calculator was based instead on relay technology used in telephone exchanges. It was launched in 1954 and was the first to be manufatured in Japan.

The company moved to electronic designs in 1965 with the launch of its first "all-transistor" model, with integrated circuits taking over in the late 1960s, although electronic calculators were still large, expensive desktop devices. The first pocket calculators were the various versions of the Casio Mini, using six-digit vacuum fluorescent displays. Although they were just one of many calculator manufacturers in the 1970s, by the 1980s Casio was a technology leader launching the world"s first graphing calculator, the Casio fx-7000G.

Casio continue to be one of the largest calculator manufacturers, with their scientific models used widely in schools throughout the world.​

More information can be found at the Casio corporate website. User Manuals can be found at the manufacturer's site