Casio ML-81

Casio ML-81
The Casio ML-81 is an arithmetic calculator with 8 digits precision and algebraic logic. It has 6 functions, 31 keys, and an LCD (liquid crystal) display. The power source is 2x1.5V cell. The calculator was manufactured in Japan.

One of these calculators was used as a key prop in the fifth episode of the 1980s American sci-fi/horror anthology series Tales from the Dark Side. The episode was written and directed by James Sadwith and starred Danny Aiello, Tom Noonan, and Robert Weil. It was broadcast on Sunday, October 21, 1984. The story was entitled "The Odds" and concerned a bookie who never turns down a bet who ends up betting on the time of his death against a man who has never lost a bet.

Note: Music keys. Clock

Facts at a glance:

Feature Value
Type: Arithmetic
Functions: 6
Keys: 31
Precision: 8
Logic: Algebraic
Display type: LCD
Length: 57mm
Width: 114mm
Thickness: 9mm
Power Consumption: 0.012W
Power Source: 2x1.5V cell
Country: Japan
Year introduced: 1980
YearDiscontinued: 1981

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