Casio H-801 (Biolator)

Casio H-801
The Casio H-801 is an arithmetic calculator with 8 digits precision and algebraic logic. It has 6 functions, 20 keys, and a VFD (vacuum fluorescent) display. The power source is 2xAA. The calculator was manufactured in Japan.

One of the many fads in the 1970s was Biorhythms. Like most successful pseudoscientific theories, the notion of biorhythms has a basis in scientific fact, to the extent that many biological processes are cyclic. But the notion that a set of phased monthly cycles starting from the moment of birth and continuing through a lifetime, unperturbed by any trauma, has more in common with astrology and numerology than any kind of understanding of the human body or mind.

Facts at a glance:

Feature Value
Type: Arithmetic
Functions: 6
Keys: 20
Precision: 8
Logic: Algebraic
Display type: VFD
Length: 125mm
Width: 74mm
Thickness: 23mm
Weight: 104g
Power Consumption: 0.200W
Power Source: 2xAA
Country: Japan
Year introduced: 1976
YearDiscontinued: 1977

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