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Satolex Calcu-pen

Satolex Calcu-pen

The Satolex Calcu-pen is an arithmetic calculator with algebraic logic. It has 4 functions, 5 keys, and an LED (light-emitting diode) display, typical of calculators of this era. The power source is 1.5V LR1 mercury cell. The calculator was manufactured in Japan.

The original 1975 LED Calcu-pen must have seemed like something out of a science fiction film when it first became available. Each key is in fact a rocker that has four different functions to save space. The Calcu-pen was packaged in the same way as a quality fountain pen or ball-point pen and supplied in a plastic case with a spare ink refill.

Facts at a glance:

Display typeLED
Power Source1.5V LR1 mercury cell
Year introduced1975


If you have a Satolex Calcu-pen that is no longer working, you can first try replacing the 1.5V LR1 mercury cell battery. If that doesn't solve the problem, then you can consider replacing the calculator with a modern equivalent.

We suggest the following current models as possible replacements:

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