Satolex Calcu-pen

Satolex Calcu-pen
The Satolex Calcu-pen is an arithmetic calculator with algebraic logic. It has 4 functions, 5 keys, and an LED (light-emitting diode) display, typical of calculators of this era. The power source is 1.5V LR1 mercury cell. The calculator was manufactured in Japan.

The original 1975 LED Calcu-pen must have seemed like something out of a science fiction film when it first became available. Each key is in fact a rocker that has four different functions to save space. The Calcu-pen was packaged in the same way as a quality fountain pen or ball-point pen and supplied in a plastic case with a spare ink refill.

Facts at a glance:

Feature Value
Type: Arithmetic
Functions: 4
Keys: 5
Logic: Algebraic
Display type: LED
Power Source: 1.5V LR1 mercury cell
Country: Japan
Year introduced: 1975

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