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Manufacturers: Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments (also known by its initials: TI), is a US company with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It is primarily a manufacturer of semiconductor components, particularly integrated circuits, and defence systems.

TI developed the first calculator integrated circuit (or "chip") and developed a prototype pocket calculator called the Cal-Tech in 1967. In reality the Cal-Tech was too bulky to be pocketable but it achieved its objective, which was to create a market for the ICs among technology companies marketing calculators such as Bowmar and Craig. TI has a patent for the pocket calculator. Sometime later in 1972 TI became a calculator manufacturer itself with the TI-2500 Datamath. The TI-30, in its various incarnations, is one of the most popular scientific calculators, and it has become one of the main manufacturers of graphing calculators with its TI-8x line. TI graphing calculators have become the standard in US schools, and have resulted in a community of developers of simple BASIC programs for these devices. In addition, some models allow lower level programs to be developed in an assembly-style programming language.​

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