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Unisonic 21 Jimmy the Greek

Unisonic 21 Jimmy the Greek
Image: Joe Haupt, CC BY-SA 2.0

The Unisonic 21 Jimmy the Greek is an arithmetic calculator with 12 digits precision and algebraic logic. It has 4 functions, 25 keys, and a VFD (vacuum fluorescent) display. The power source is 3xC.

These are Blackjack games/calculators and carry the "Jimmy the Greek" branding (named after the American sports commentator and Las Vegas bookmaker Jimmy Snyder). The calculator can be switched between calculator and game modes, the latter allowing you to play Blackjack against the machine. In later models the display fascia is designed to suggest a Blackjack table. They have been available in a number of sizes and physical designs over the years.

Note: Black-Jack calculator

Facts at a glance:

Display typeVFD
Power Source3xC
Year introduced1975


If you have a Unisonic 21 Jimmy the Greek that is no longer working, you can consider replacing the calculator with a modern equivalent.

We suggest the following current models as possible replacements:

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