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Calories Burned for Various Activities

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Enter an activity and the amount of time spent doing it. We will tell you how many calories you have burned:

This calculator works out the number of calories burned for a given activity and duration. It is only approximate, since different levels of exertion will result in different amounts of energy being used, and is only intended as a guide.

The number of calories burned is also dependent on your weight. This means that if you lose weight you will actually need to do more exercise to consume the same number of calories! On the other hand, as you lose weight, exercise becomes easier. Also, as your fitness improves, you will naturally start to exercise at a higher rate.

The general advice for exercise is that it should last for at least half an hour and should leave you breathing heavily, if not a little breathless. This indicates the correct level of cardiovascular exercise. It should also not be so intense that you dread repeating it the next day - regular exercise is far more beneficial than occasional bursts of high calorie consumption. Exercise, and maintaining a healthy weight, both have enormous health benefits, but exercise is not a particularly effective way of losing weight. It is more important to eat healthily by avoiding overeating, and particularly of food that contains a high sugar content.