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Keyboard Accelerator Keys

Accelerator keys allow you to use the calculator from the computer keyboard, rather than using the calculator's own keypad. Accelerator keys are sometimes a quicker way of getting to a function, especially for the experienced user or if the keypad equivalent can only be reached by pressing a number of keys. Some users prefer to use the keyboard rather than a pointing device (or they may not have one!).

The keyboard accelerator equivalents of the calculator keys are listed below, ordered alphabetically by description. There is also a table ordered by key legend.

AltaAbout box
Shift Alt A Angle mode
Shift Ctrl A Annuity F
Shift Alt m Arithmetic mean of data S
backsp Backspace
o Base 10 logarithm
Shift Alt N Base N mode
Shift Alt B Binary mode
& Bitwise AND B,O,H,N
Alt ~ Bitwise Exclusive NOR B,O,H,N
Alt | Bitwise Exclusive OR B,O,H,N
~ Bitwise negation B,O,H,N
Alt ! Bitwise NOT B,O,H,N
| Bitwise OR B,O,H,N
Ctrl M Calculator mode and settings
Alt - Change sign
Shift del Clear all
Shift Ctrl del Clear all statistics S
Shift backsp Clear entry
del Clear entry
Shift Alt C Combinations S
Ctrl c Copy
c Cosine
Ctrl x Cut
Shift Alt D Decimal mode
d Degrees A
Shift Ctrl Alt D Determinant matrix
Shift A Digit A H
Shift B Digit B H
Shift C Digit C H
Shift D Digit D H
Shift E Digit E H
Shift F Digit F H
Shift G Digit G N
Shift H Digit H N
Shift I Digit I N
Shift J Digit J N
Shift K Digit K N
Shift L Digit L N
Shift M Digit M N
Shift N Digit N N
Shift O Digit O N
Shift P Digit P N
Shift Q Digit Q N
Shift R Digit R N
Shift S Digit S N
Shift T Digit T N
Shift U Digit U N
Shift V Digit V N
Shift W Digit W N
Shift X Digit X N
Shift Y Digit Y N
Shift Z Digit Z N
/ Divide
Shift Ctrl B Double-declining-balance depreciation F
Ctrl d Enter data S
= Equals (Enter in RPC mode)
Shift E Exponent
e Exponent
! Factorial
Shift Alt F Financial mode
Alt r Financial rates menu F
Alt ? Help
Alt h Help
Shift Alt H Hexadecimal mode
h Hours T
Shift Ctrl C Hyperbolic cosine
Shift Ctrl S Hyperbolic sine
Shift Ctrl T Hyperbolic tangent
Shift Ctrl R Internal rate of return F
Alt o Inverse base 10 logarithm
Alt c Inverse cosine
Shift Ctrl Alt C Inverse hyperbolic cosine
Shift Ctrl Alt S Inverse hyperbolic sine
Shift Ctrl Alt T Inverse hyperbolic tangent
Alt l Inverse natural logarithm
Alt s Inverse sine
Alt t Inverse tangent
Shift Ctrl I Investment F
( Left parenthesis
Alt _ Matrix invert matrix
Alt * Matrix multiply matrix
> Maximum of data S
i Memory in
Alt i Memory N in
Alt p Memory N plus
Alt m Memory N recall
p Memory plus
m Memory recall
< Minimum of data S
Shift Ctrl M Mortgage F
* Multiply
l Natural Logarithm D,S
Shift Ctrl N Net present value F
Shift Ctrl F Net present value of cash flow F
0 Number 0
1 Number 1
2 Number 2
3 Number 3
4 Number 4
5 Number 5
6 Number 6
7 Number 7
8 Number 8
9 Number 9
Ctrl n Number of data points S
Shift Alt O Octal mode
Ctrl v Paste
% Percentage
Shift Alt P Permutations S
k Physical constants and properties
Alt k Physical constants and properties
Ctrl p Pi
^ Raise to power
r Random number generator
_ Reciprocal
) Right parenthesis
Shift Alt R Roman numeral mode
Alt ^ Root
Ctrl Alt s Sample standard deviation S
Alt . Scalar (dot) product matrix
s Sine
q Square
Alt q Square root
Ctrl ^ Stack display RPN
Ctrl s Standard deviation S
Shift Alt S Statistics mode
Shift Ctrl L Straight line depreciation F
Shift Ctrl E Sum of data S
Shift Ctrl Q Sum of squares of data S
Shift Ctrl Y Sum of year's digits depreciation F
t Tangent
Ctrl t Term of an investment F
Shift Alt T Time mode
Ctrl Alt t Transpose matrix matrix
u Units conversion menu
Alt u Units conversion menu
Alt x Vector (cross) product matrix