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Licensing Issues

Q: How do I register?

A: You can register online using our web form.

Q: The Web form doesn't work/I don't have access to WWW - how do I register?

A: You can either e-mail us (contact details page) or use the form which comes with the Calc documentation and mail it to us at our postal address.

Q: Why should I register?

A: Our licence terms for the free version allow 90 days of use, after which you need to register to continue legally using the software. Although we have chosen to make Calc free, it still costs us time and effort to develop it, so we don't think it is unreasonable to ask users to register it. You don't need to register if you have purchased the paid version.

Q: What does registration cost?

A: Registration of Calc is completely free of charge.

Q: What happens after 90 days?

A: Nothing. Calc does not contain any time-out mechanisms or nag screens. To a large extent we are relying on users' honesty and fairness, and we have tried to make registration as easy as possible.

Q: Can I really download this program and use it for free for as long as I need it?

A: Yes. But please remember to register.

Q: Why do you ask for personal information, if the product is free?

A: If we were charging a fee for the software, most users would expect to give their name, address, email etc. along with their credit card details. Your contact information is still important to us, whether or not we charge a fee for using the software. The demographic information and feedback help us do a better job of continuing to develop the product, and allow us to occasionally contact users with news of updates. Without this information it would be much more difficult for us to make Calc a success.

Q: I'm not giving you my details. What are you going to do about it?

A: We understand that some people are very sensitive about giving their personal details online. We would like to assure you that we respect the confidentiality of information you supply to us, and under no circumstances would we give that information to a third party. You may leave blank any fields you feel particularly strongly about, but please at least give us your name, approximate location and a means of contacting you.

Q: If I upgrade do I need to register again?

A: No. You only need to register once. If your details have changed it would be helpful if you could let us know; it may be easiest to use the registration form again to do this.

Q: Can I edit my details online?

A: No. There is no online access to user details once they are entered for security reasons.

Q: What are the terms for site licensing?

A: Calc registration is free, whether you install it on one computer or a thousand. Please indicate when you register if you are using it site-wide, and please be sure to give the name of the organisation. By registering in this way, you don't need to have every user register individually.

Q: What will happen to the details I supply when registering?

A: We keep user details for our records. We use this information to better understand the demographics of Calc users, and also to encourage feedback to enable us to improve the product. We might occasionally contact you to let you know of new versions of the software, unless you specifically ask us not to. We do not make the information available to third parties, and treat any information you give us as confidential.

Q: I have purchased Calc on CD/paid download. Do I still need to register?

A: There is no need to register if you have purchased the latest supported version from us. This version comes under a different licence which can be found on the CD or with the download.

Q: Can I obtain the source code of Calc?

A: Sorry, no. Calc is not an Open Source project. We have no plans to make Calc Open Source. Note that Calc is not "free" in the sense of the word used by organizations such as the Free Software Foundation. It is licensed software, and the terms of the licence require you to register it. But registration is free.

Q: Is it okay to include a link to Calc on my personal home page?

A: Yes, please do. More information about how to do this can be found on the Linking to Calc page.

Q: Is it okay to include a link to Calc from our organization's web site?

A: Yes, please do. More information about how to do this can be found on the Linking to Calc page.

Q: I would like to redistribute Calc. Is this okay?

A: Yes, please feel free to redistribute the free version of Calc in its original form to friends, colleagues, etc. However, you may not modify the files, separate or distribute them individually, or alter the copyright and legal notices. The people you give the software to should register it if they want to use it after 90 days, but that's not your problem. Of course you must not distribute the purchased versions; if in doubt refer to your licence.

Q: I would like to unofficially "mirror" Calc on my home page. Is this okay?

A: "Mirroring" refers to the practice of keeping a copy of a file on your web site for visitors to download, instead of going directly to the original site. We have no objection in principle to web site owners doing this. In practice however, this can cause problems when we update the software, because we don't know who has out of date versions of the software on their site. We support a number of "official" mirrors, which simply means that we are aware that they are making the file available and direct users to them, and that they have agreed to post updates when we send them. An alternative to "unofficial" mirrors is for sites to link to our download page (as described on our Linking to Calc page). This helps us to keep downloads up-to-date.

Q: Do you have a logo for Calc I could use as the link?

A: Yes. You can find one on our Linking to Calc page.

Q: Can I distribute Calc along with my software product/collection?

A: Please contact us at our contact details page if you wish to distribute Calc along with another product or part of a software collection. The answer is likely to be yes, as long as it is made clear to users that Calc is a separate product which is credited to Flow Simulation. You will need take care not to include any wording that gives the impression that Flow Simulation endorses your product. You must not modify the files, separate or distribute them individually, or alter the copyright and legal notices. Users need to register the software with us if they want to use it after 90 days.

Q: Can we include a customized version of Calc as part of our software?

A: No, sorry. You may not disassemble or reverse engineer or incorporate into another work the software or its components. If you have a commercial requirement for a customised version of the software please contact us to discuss your requirements. We can supply special versions of the software incorporating corporate branding and industry-specific or application-specific calculator functions.

Q: I am a professional journalist. How do I get a media kit?

A: Please see our on-line media kit, or contact us at our contact details page with your mailing address if you need a media kit sending to you.

Q: I work for a magazine publisher. May we include Calc on our cover CD?

A: We would love to see Calc on your cover CD. Please contact us (contact details page) for permission or if you need a written release. Please do not separate the files, distribute them individually, or alter the copyright and legal notices. You can find more resources in our on-line media kit.

Q: How do I obtain technical support?

A: We are not able to make a commitment to provide technical support for the free distribution version of Calc. However, please feel free to e-mail us (contact details page) if you have a problem or query, or suggestions as to how we could improve the product. We will do our best to deal with your request if we can. Alternatively, you can write to us at our address below. We also sell a fully supported version of the software which can be ordered for immediate download from our Windows order page, Windows Mobile order page, or ordered on CD.