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General Questions

Q: Why was Calc created?

A: We started to develop the software in the early 1990's as a component of a specialized integrated engineering software system. In 1995 we decided to make it available as a stand-alone software product, which was originally called Calc95.

Q: Why have you released a free version of Calc?

A: Because we thought computer users would find it useful. We also hope that once people have used the free version they might consider upgrading to the newer paid version.

Q: Who are Flow Simulation?

A: Flow Simulation develops software under contract and provides consultancy services for the engineering and financial services industries. See our company web site for more details.

Q: Who uses Calc?

A: Because of the way Calc is distributed it is difficult to obtain precise numbers of users. On a typical day, between one and two thousand users download Calc from our web site. Calc can also be obtained from magazine cover disks, online software archives, user's home pages and in software collection CD's sold separately or included with textbooks. We currently estimate that about 4 million users have downloaded Calc. Many users report that they have distributed the software around their departments or organizations, which include major industrial corporations and government departments. A large proportion of users are located in North America, although there are registered users in most countries of the world. As well as scientific and engineering industries, Calc is very popular in education, financial services and health-care. For further background you can see a selection of user comments.

Q: Calc is great. What can I do to help?

A: Please tell all your friends and colleagues about Calc, or give them a copy of the software. It is also very helpful if you mention our software in any newsgroups, mailing lists or on-line forums you participate in. If you subscribe to a journal or newsletter specific to your industry or area of interest, you could bring it to the attention of the editor as a useful free resource.

Q: What's the difference between the free version of Calc and the paid version?

A: The paid version (available from our Windows order page or Windows Mobile order page) is a later version of the software with more features. (see the CD product page).

Q: How do I get a copy of the latest (premium) version?

A: You can order the versions for Windows or Pocket PC for immediate download by electronic software distribution from our Windows order page or Windows Mobile order page. You can also order Calc on CD (CD product page).

Q: What are Flow Simulation's contact details?

A: Please see our contact details page. If you e-mail us, please use a meaningful message subject line to ensure that our spam filters don't remove it.

Q: Is Calc Y2K compliant?

A: In case anyone is still interested, we tested it using the rollover date and other key dates. It worked fine.