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Commodore SR7919

The Commodore SR7919 is a scientific calculator with 8 digits precision and algebraic logic. It has 22 functions, 19 keys and an LED (light-emitting diode) display, typical of calculators of this era. The power source is PP3 9V. The calculator was manufactured in UK.

I used this exact calculator to do A-levels. The calculator was available in either black or beige. Some people think this was actually yellow in colour, probably because the sample they have seen has become discoloured over time. It seems that the plastic used to make the case was not very stable.‚Äč

Facts at a glance:

Type Scientific
Functions 22
Keys 19
Precision 8
Logic Algebraic
Display type LED
Display size
Length 137 mm
Width 64 mm
Thickness 23 mm
Weight 82 g
Power Source PP3 9V
Country UK
Original price $25.00
Est. current value $40.00
Year introduced 1975
Year discontinued 1976

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