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Royal Digital V

The Royal Digital V is an arithmetic calculator with 8 digits precision and algebraic logic. It has 5 functions, 18 keys and a VFD (vacuum fluorescent) display. The power source is 6xAA sealed. The calculator was manufactured in Japan.

‚ÄčThe calculator was manufactured in Japan for the Imperial Typewriter Company Limited (Leciester, England). This calculator can actually store up to 88 digits, although only 8 are visible. This allows the unit to be used to multiply large numbers using a crude form of floating point arithmetic. A further quirk of the logic is that trailing zeros are not suppressed and always visible.

Facts at a glance:

Type Arithmetic
Functions 5
Keys 18
Precision 8
Logic Algebraic
Display type VFD
Display size
Length 150 mm
Width 88 mm
Thickness 36 mm
Weight 332 g
Power Source 6xAA sealed
Country Japan
Original price unknown
Est. current value unknown
Year introduced 1972
Year discontinued 1973

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