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DVDs - The Collectors Edition

When I bought the last Harry Potter blockbuster DVD release for the kids I was offered the "Special Two-disk Collector's Edition". I innocently asked the assistant if it was possible to buy the standard one-disk edition aimed at ordinary folk like me who just wanted to watch the movie. Even if such a thing existed, I was told, they did not have it available for sale. So it looks as though the Collector's Edition is not so special after all.

Is there a sub-culture of collectors out there holding conventions and swap-meets? Should I keep it safe and wait for it to appreciate in value? Just think how much it might be worth in twenty years time if I donņt remove the shrink-wrap. How are earlier films in the series doing on Ebay?

And for that matter, does anyone look at the second disk in these two-disk sets? It was possible at one stage to buy a four disk set for one of the Lord of the Rings episodes. How on earth do they fill four disks? "The Making of the Making of the Making of LOTR"? Thanks to DVD "extras" we now know so much about the technology of special effects that we could make the films ourselves.

I suppose what is collectible in forty years time is difficult to predict. It would have seemed laughable in the 1970's that one day there would be people collecting LED calculators. And yet I am pretty certain I know what will not be collectible, and that is things that are marketed as collectible when they are new. That applies to especially "minted" editions of coins or porcelain or limited edition signed prints. My rule is to avoid things sold as "collectible" unless, like DVDs, you have no choice.