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Get the latest version of Calc with all the new features and improvements:

Designed for Microsoft Windows for Pocket PC
  • Latest Version 5.6 works better than ever
  • Compatible with latest Windows and Pocket PC  versions (now Pocket PC logo certified, Verified for Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft                  Windows Server 2003)
  • All 9 versions for Windows desktop and Windows CE versions (2.1 and  later) conveniently on a single CD.

  • New modes for fractions and feet/inches
  • IP address calculation mode
  • Better RPN logic and visible stack

  • Better financial functions
  • New interactive financial rates dialog

Example customised calculator -  orange theme
  • More data than ever, including new particle physics  data
  • Updated matrix and complex modes

Example customised calculator -  orange theme
  • Dozens of extra fonts to enhance the appearance (now also work on Pocket PC)
  • Over 100 Mbytes of royalty-free images for custom background etc.


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