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Running Calc on Apple Macintosh computers using Wine

Calc can be run on Apple computers that are based on Intel x86 processors by using the Wine compatibility layer. Wine is an open-source project and the Wine software can be downloaded free. There is also a commercial version of this product which can be obtained from CodeWeavers called CrossOver. We recommend this product if you want to avoid the fairly complicated process of installing Wine.

The screen-shots below show Calc being installed and running on CrossOver (with thanks to one of our users in Australia).

Initiating installation using Crossover

Using the CrossOver installer.

Installation steps using Crossover

Installation steps are the same as on Windows once the process is started.

Calc 5.3 running on Mac

Calc version 5.3 running on an x86-based Macintosh.

Calc 5.6 running on Mac

Calc version 5.6 running on a Mac.

We have had reports that Calc may stop working if you upgrade CrossOver for Mac. If this happens we recommend re-installing Calc.

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