the calculator home page

System Functions

System Menu

The System menu offers the following:
Item Description
Hide Hide the calculator if tray icon enabled, otherwise the same as minimize
Restore Restore an iconized calculator to full size
Move Move calculator
Size Re-size the calculator
Minimize Minimize calculator (make into an icon)
Maximize Maximize calculator (make full screen)
Copy Copy contents of display to clipboard
Paste Paste contents of clipboard onto display
Help Offers you an index to topics on which you can get help.
About... Displays dialog with information about the application.
Options... Change calculator logic, and configuration - same as Option/General menu
Display... Change the calculator display configuration - same as Option/Display menu
Layout... Change the calculator layout - same as Option/Layout menu
Matrix... Change the matrix configuration - same as Option/Matrix menu
Main Keypad... Change the main keypad configuration - same as Option/MainKeypad menu
Function Keypad... Change the function keypad configuration - same as Option/FunctionKeypad menu
Close Close the calculator application


The About dialog box displays the copyright notice and version number of your copy of the software. Click the OK button to dismiss the About box.

Four further buttons are provided to give more details:

Gives more details about Flow Simulation Ltd., the developers of the software

Gives quick access to the registration form. Also a button linking to on-line registration.

Gives further information about the program developers.

System Info
Gives details about your computer system and your software serial number.