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What is 3 metres in feet? The government spent $50m; what's that per person? What will be the likely monthly mortgage repayment on this property? What year is MCMXXVI? How much profit do we make on 2000 units at 4% margin? Is Thallium poisonous?

These are the sorts of questions we get bombarded with in almost every walk of life nowadays. Every trip to the supermarket seems to involve complex comparisons between prices of different quantities of product in various units of measure, even different currencies.

Calc means you can carry out complex calculations and conversions and retrieve information either at your desktop computer or, using the same software, on a handheld computer or PDA and even on some mobile phones. Calc provides the functions of a traditional pocket calculator, but also goes much further: it has data. And when it comes to more advanced mathematics it won't let you down. That's good news for engineers and scientists, but also for parents! With Calc on the family computer you don't have to accept the "I left the calculator at school" excuse.

If you use a Pocket PC-based PDA then Calc becomes even more valuable because it turns your PDA into a full powered scientific and financial calculator. That means you only need to carry one device around with you. And since you probably use the PDA as a diary, Calc is also a replacement for those pages at the back of paper diaries packed with facts and figures and metric conversions. Calc is also very compact in terms of screen space, so you can keep it maximized while working within another application and make use of the 'always on top' option, or keep it in the system tray. You can customize the appearance, including the resizing of buttons and their fonts and layout.

We're sure that once you get used to using Calc, you'll wonder how you managed without it. In the user guide we'll take a tour of the features of Calc98 and look at many example calculations. If you have purchased Calc on CD there is also a PDF (Portable Document Format) version which can be used using the Adobe Acrobat Reader which is also included on the disc. You can also use Acrobat Reader to print the full User Manual on a laser or ink jet printer.

For information about new features in this release of Calc98, and known outstanding issues, see the release note in the file release.htm.

Installing Calc98

See the file install.htm for installation instructions.

Information about the most up-to-date version of the software can be found on the calculator web-site.

Licensing Terms

Please see the accompanying file licence.htm for details of licence terms for use of the software.


We are not able to provide technical support for freely distributed version of Calc98. However, please feel free to e-mail us at if you have a problem or query, or suggestions as to how we could improve the product. We will do our best to deal with your request if we can. Alternatively, you can write to us at our address below.

If you have purchased Calc on CD you should find a support number inside the CD case. Please use this number when contacting us. The terms of your support agreement will be explained in the literature accompanying the software package.


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