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Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts (accelerators) allow you to use the calculator from the computer keyboard, rather than using the calculator's own keypad. Shortcuts are a quicker way of getting to a function, especially for the experienced user or if the keypad equivalent can only be reached by pressing a number of keys. Some users prefer to use the keyboard rather than a pointing device (or they may not have one!).

The keyboard shortcut equivalents of the calculator keys are listed below, ordered alphabetically by description. The column headed "mode" indicates that the function is limited to the modes shown: D - decimal, B - binary, O - octal, H - hexadecimal, N - base-n, F - financial, S - statistics, A - angle, T - time. There is also a table ordered by key legend.

ShiftCtrlAlt KeyMeaningMode
Shift Alt A Angle mode
Shift Alt m Arithmetic mean of data S
bksp Backspace
o Base 10 logarithm
Shift Alt N Base N mode
Shift Alt B Binary mode
& Bitwise AND B,O,H,N
Alt ~ Bitwise Exclusive NOR B,O,H,N
Alt | Bitwise Exclusive OR B,O,H,N
~ Bitwise negation B,O,H,N
Alt ! Bitwise NOT B,O,H,N
| Bitwise OR B,O,H,N
Ctrl M Calculator mode and settings
Alt - Change sign
Shift del Clear all
Shift Ctrl del Clear all statistics S
Shift bksp Clear entry
del Clear entry
Shift Alt C Combinations S
Ctrl c Copy
c Cosine
Ctrl x Cut
Shift Alt D Decimal mode
d Degrees A
Shift Ctrl Alt D Determinant matrix
Shift A Digit A H
Shift B Digit B H
Shift C Digit C H
Shift D Digit D H
Shift E Digit E H
Shift F Digit F H
Shift G Digit G N
Shift H Digit H N
Shift I Digit I N
Shift J Digit J N
Shift K Digit K N
Shift L Digit L N
Shift M Digit M N
Shift N Digit N N
Shift O Digit O N
Shift P Digit P N
Shift Q Digit Q N
Shift R Digit R N
Shift S Digit S N
Shift T Digit T N
Shift U Digit U N
Shift V Digit V N
Shift W Digit W N
Shift X Digit X N
Shift Y Digit Y N
Shift Z Digit Z N
/ Divide
Shift Ctrl B Double-declining-balance depreciation F
Ctrl d Enter data S
= Equals (Enter in RPC mode)
Shift E Exponent
e Exponent
! Factorial
Shift Alt F Financial mode
Alt r Financial rates menu F
Alt ? Help
Alt h Help
Shift Alt H Hexadecimal mode
: Hours/mins/secs T
Shift Ctrl C Hyperbolic cosine
Shift Ctrl S Hyperbolic sine
Shift Ctrl T Hyperbolic tangent
Shift Ctrl R Internal rate of return F
Alt o Inverse base 10 logarithm
Alt c Inverse cosine
Shift Ctrl Alt C Inverse hyperbolic cosine
Shift Ctrl Alt S Inverse hyperbolic sine
Shift Ctrl Alt T Inverse hyperbolic tangent
Alt l Inverse natural logarithm
Alt s Inverse sine
Alt t Inverse tangent
Shift Ctrl I Investment (Future Value, FV) F
( Left parenthesis
Alt _ Matrix invert matrix
Alt * Matrix multiply matrix
> Maximum of data S
i Memory in
Alt i Memory N in
Alt p Memory N plus
Alt m Memory N recall
p Memory plus
m Memory recall
< Minimum of data S
Shift Ctrl M Loan (Mortgage) F
* Multiply
l Natural Logarithm D,S
Shift Ctrl N Net present value F
0 Number 0
1 Number 1
2 Number 2
3 Number 3
4 Number 4
5 Number 5
6 Number 6
7 Number 7
8 Number 8
9 Number 9
Ctrl n Number of data points S
Shift Alt O Octal mode
Ctrl v Paste
% Percentage
Shift Alt P Permutations S
k Physical constants and properties
Alt k Physical constants and properties
Ctrl p Pi
^ Raise to power
r Random number generator
_ Reciprocal
) Right parenthesis
Shift Alt R Roman numeral mode
Alt ^ Root
Ctrl Alt s Sample standard deviation S
Alt . Scalar (dot) product matrix
s Sine
q Square
Alt q Square root
Ctrl s Standard deviation S
Shift Alt S Statistics mode
RIGHTStopwatch startT
LEFTStopwatch stopT
UPStopwatch split time T
DOWNStopwatch resetT
Shift Ctrl L Straight line depreciation F
Shift Ctrl E Sum of data S
Shift Ctrl Q Sum of squares of data S
Shift Ctrl Y Sum of year's digits depreciation F
t Tangent
Ctrl t Term of an annuity (TMa) F
Shift Alt T Time mode
Ctrl Alt t Transpose matrix matrix
u Units conversion menu
Alt u Units conversion menu
Alt x Vector (cross) product matrix